Mother of Humanity

The Mother of Humanity® Monument Foundation, Inc. is planning to build Africa’s 95m tall Mother of Humanity® monument, and MotherLand™, the ecological themed park.  These will recognize and celebrate Africa as the birthplace of humanity and cradle of civilization.  In so doing the Foundation’s principle mission is to heal the world by inspiring each individual, especially today’s youth, to become living examples of the patience, compassion, and understanding, symbolized by the monument as the universal principle of a mother’s boundless loving-kindness.


 The Mother of Humanity® Monument Foundation, Inc.

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In almost every language used by humanity, words close to “mama” will appear. “Mother”, “maman”, “mommy”, “amma”, “mama”, “em”, “mum”, “mamma”, “mutter”, “mare”, “maty”, and “ama” all have the same meaning. There is a theory that links the sounds of a baby made while breast feeding, to the development of the two syllable sound that becomes the word “mother”. While the word mother sounds similar in every language, what a mother represents is universal. She represents the same thing, not only for human kind, but for every sentient being on Earth.


The Mother is the most powerful symbol for the quality of kindness. A Mother’s kindness begins at conception. Then the Mother carries her child for many weeks, or as in the case of humans, for nine months. During this time she is constantly concerned for her child’s safety. The Mother avoids actions, foods, and circumstances that might endanger her child’s health and welfare. Even before birth the Mother thinks about her child’s benefit and makes every effort to prevent even the slightest suffering and difficulty. It is entirely from Mother’s efforts that one has opportunities in life. For us, all fortunate conditions originate from Mother’s kindness. She gives us a human body, then feeds us from her own body, clothes, protects, educates, and guides us. In a way, if you think about it, even one’s body is not truly one’s own. Are we not a part of our Mother’s body that she gave to us willingly through pain and sacrifice, but always with the greatest love and kindness? Such kindness is immeasurable. It is also essential. A Mother’s kindness creates conditions for a child to grow in mental and physical health, in peace, and in an atmosphere free from anxiety. The critical importance of this quality of selfless “loving kindness” is quickly lost as we grow older. We sometimes feel that our bodies are our own and that we alone have made our existence possible. We feel that our success is ours. It is as if we achieved it all by ourselves! In truth, it is the loving kindness of our Mother that has made our very existence even possible. This expression of loving kindness that is embodied by the Mother is the most vitally important of all human qualities. It is the essential message that lies at the core of all major religions, while at the same time it transcends human activity and is possessed by all sentient beings. For humanity, the practice of loving kindness as exemplified by the Mother is the only means by which human beings can grow spiritually. It is the only possible real road to peace for humanity, because it is basic to our humanity.

If there is such a feeling of kindness and concern within the family, then there is peace in the family. If there is peace in the family, there will be peace in the community. If there is peace in the community, there will be peace in the nation. And if nations embody kindness and peace, then there can be peace in the world.

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