Box of kindness

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Barcelone Mobility

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The Erasmus Project : "Yes We Can !"

The 2nd meeting – From 1st to 3rd March 2019 in Luxembourg.


During this meeting, we are going to present how our organization Maison d’Afrique is doing to bring back to the society, people who are living under risk of social exclusion. The main activities will be to present our project “yes we can” in an info-stand in the Festival of migration, culture and citizenship; who is taking place once a year in Luxembourg since 36 year. This three days festival promote a veritable cultural intermingling, to “make the society together”. More than 30.000 people, the member of Luxemburg government and the Grand Duke of Luxemburg will visit this festival. This exchange with the Luxemburg civil society and the government will be benefit of our project partners and help to make our project known to more than 400 associations present during this event.

From the Diaspora to the Sixth Region

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Conference 06/02/2018: Law on aid schemes for research, development and innovation


In collaboration with the professional chambers, the Ministry of the Economy organized a public conference to present the business support measures provided for by the recent law on aid schemes for research, development and innovation. Dedicated to craft companies, this conference was held on Tuesday, February 6, 2018 in the premises of the Chamber of Trades. The Maison d'Afrique was represented by its director Mr David Foka. Entering into force in June 2017, the law on aid schemes for research, development and innovation is intended to encourage companies in all sectors of activity, regardless of their size, to invest in R & D projects and increase their innovation efforts. During this conference, the modalities of application of aid for development research and innovation, the conditions of eligibility for such aids and changes compared to previous aid schemes were detailed. The participants were able to address their questions to the experts present as well as to entrepreneurs who have already benefited from the aid schemes in question.

The Pygmies of the Equatorial Forest of Guinea : an endangered people !

Call for projects

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Launching of the new Asylum Migration and Integration Fund (A.M.I.F.)"



The Luxembourg Office for Reception and Integration (O.L.A.I.) along with the board of Immigration launch the first call for projects of the new European Union Fund "Asylum Migration and Integration Fund" (A.M.I.F.). Covering the period 2014-2020, the A.M.I.F. gathers within the same program, the three different funds of the previous programming : the European Refugee Fund, the European Fund for the Integration of Third-country Nationals and the European Return Fund. The A.M.I.F. is thus organized around three main areas of intervention: the common European asylum system, legal migration and the integration of third country nationals, as well as returns.


Circular migration : how to use it ?

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A temporary job (in Europe) for highly trained Africans !



Today, we live in a globalized network society that enables entrepreneurs to work more easily together. These entrepreneurs who come from different cultures and continents, work bands in glooves, trust each other, share their skills and create wealth "for all". What is really happening in reality ?

Joelle Ursull reacts !

Open letter from Joelle Ursull to François Hollande.


Below is his open letter to the "President of all the French", François Hollande : "Shoah, slavery : not to the hierarchization of the horrors of humanity."



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The S.L.L.C. to 1 euro only !

The S.L.L.C. at 1 € is coming soon !


The government adopted the bill of law establishing the simplified limited liability company, a long-standing employer claim.


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