Our team

The Maison d'Afrique Luxembourg recreates hope through the African renaissance which will be constantly revalue by the rehabilitation african man who face the world and utter "YES WE CAN !”






  • Administrator of the Maison d'Afrique Luxembourg ;
  • Vice-President of Maison des Associations
  • President of the Federation of African Associations of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg ;

  • Former President of the Special Commission against Racism and Racial Discrimination (C.S.P.-R.A.C.) at the National Council for Foreigners (C.N.E.) ;

  • Elected Representative of the German Community in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (C.N.E.) ;

  • Peace Ambassador (U.P.F.) ;

  • Teacher approved by the Ministry of National ;

  • Education and Vocational Training ;

  • Migration and Development Expert at the European Council of the African Diaspora ;

  • Member of the african instute for remittances A.I.R. from the African Union Commission.




In charge of public relations


  • International supermodel having paraded for the most pretisgious names of the haute couture ( Christian Dior, Azzedine Alaia, Emmanuel Ungaro, Sonia Rykiel);
  • Musicians, she realised in collaboration with the "MoDels" the song " Fame" sold at more than 1million copies;

  • Diplomat and cultural advisor of Senegal;

  • Creation of the first international modeling agency in Luxembourg ;


Chargée de projets


  • PhD holder in social geography and regional development of the Charles de Prague university, is specialized in africain migrations in central Europe.
  • Autor of the book : "Temps de crise et vie associative".


Responsible for inclusive finance


  • Officer in charge of relations with the African Union ;
  • Counselor in inclusive finance (Micro-finance);

  • Former Minister of Decentralized Cooperation of Senegal ;

  • Chairperson F.D.E.A. Micro-finance ;

  • Representative of I.N.A.F.I.International conference in Dakar.



In charge of cultural relations



Actress, Singer, Choreographer from Cameroon and Italian nationality, Modestine EKETE is a multidisciplinary artist who frequents the universe of traditions Bamikélé very young.


She is the national winner of the first Contemporary African Dance Competition.


In charge of French course


  • Lecturer of French at House of Africa of Luxembourg ;
  •  Lecturer of French at the International School of Luxembourg ;

  • Director and professor of French and English at Escola da Sarah in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil ;

  • Graduate in Social Work from the Cardijn Institute of Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium (2004) ;

  • Graduate in Language Science from Stendhal University, Grenoble III, France (2006) ;

  • Graduated from the Catholic University of Louvain-La-Neuve in French as a Foreign Language (F.L.E.) (2017).



Cybercriminality Consultant


Responsible for DSI

Expert-Consultant Information Systems & Information and Communication Technology


IT  Project Consultant, Politic marketing & financial adviser


MBA - Business Administration & Development (University of Nicosia - Cyprus)

Bachelor - Computer Network (University of Luxembourg)

Doctor of Business Administration Student (Apollos University - USA)



Image consultant

Responsible for development of Afro-European fashion



She was born in Cameroon and spent most of her childhood there.


After her university studies in Banking and Finance at the Siantou Supérieur Institute, she decided to move to France for new opportunities.


After some training, she decided to study accounting in Paris.


But for a long time she has a dream ...


Passionate about fashion and fashion, she created an Afro-European brand LauraBlackStyle in 2018.


A brand that values the "African fabric" through a chic and refined brewing.


A brand inspired by his personality that is both rich, jovial and mysterious.


Living in a multicultural environment in France, it aims to put foward a message of union and universality. Her love for the exotic is a fact that inspires her vision of fashion.



The Laurablacstyle brand that it develops today in France and Luxembourg is an expression of openness to the world and the enhancement of Afro-European wealth ; a true African fashion "revisited" to soak up a cosmopolitan world.



Very sensitive to the cause of disadvantaged children or victims of sexual abuse, she donates 1% of her turnover to this cause.