Supportive trainers for development


The project was to organize summer courses offered by 9 experienced international trainers with pedagogical methods and modern teaching materials for adult education.


The courses were focusing on dynamic sectors : tourism, business creation and foreign languages.


Intensive courses, 80 hours per course (5 hours a day from Monday to Thursday) with an entire week from July 29 to August 2, 2013 called "Micro Finance Week". Regarding financial education courses for entrepreneurs. These courses have enabled the training of contact persons in the chosen sectors (tourist guides, minibus drivers, Horeca and bank staff, young entrepreneurs, local teachers and even local police).


Project carried out in Cabo Verde in 2013 :


Originally designed for a period of one year (from 15 July 2013 to 15 July 2014), the project "Supportive Trainers for Development" was a franc success on both sides. We witnessed a general mobilization of municipalities, civil society, young people, micro-finance experts, local police and trainers from Luxembourg.


This project has bolstered the professional skills of young people at edge of precarity, making them more productive and more active in the economic base of the region.


This has also helped to better understand, better prepare and / or halt emigration. A number of young people were able to carry out their work as tourist guides ; others have received micro loans to start their own business.