Socio-professional reinsertion in Cabo Verde.

Are you Cape Verdeans and do you wish to return to Cabo Verde to launch a business ?



The french office of immigration and integration OFII and its partners can accompagny you in the building of your projects.

An aid system to the economic reintregration crafted within the framework of an European projection supported by EU and Cabo Verde.



In the framework of a partnership for the mobility between EU and Cape Verde, the européen project for the strengthening of management capacities of people from cape verde provides a système of aid to the economy reinsertion dedicated to cape verdeans once back in their country.



Who can enjoy it ? 


Cape verdeans living in one of the four europeans countries partners to the project (France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Portugal) and longing to settle down in Cabo Verde.



Cape Verdeans who were forcibly sent out of the Cabo Verde can not enjoy this assistance.


What are the aids available ?


According to your situation, you could benefit the following aid :

  • An assistance in setting up economic project by a local operator specialized in setting up a compagny ;
  • A financial aid for the launching of your entreprise ;
  • A support for the implémentation and the monitoring of your compagny ;
  • A training with respect to your activity.


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An assistance for their reinsertion through job.


Regarding your situation, the Migrant Assistance Camp in their Native Country (C.A.M.P.O.) and the vocational training and employment Institute (I.E.F.P.) could back you up during you job seeking process.


The project partners are :


  • The Foreigners and Borders services (SEF) Portugal.

    The French Office of Immigration and intégration (O.F.I.I.) France ;

    The board of immigration of the ministry of foreign affairs Luxembourg ;


    The ministry of communities, Cabo Verde.