United for Employment !



A study on the lack of skills and support networks of immigrant youth has enabled us to identify four major groups of young people, notably :


  • Inactive and unmotivated youth
  • Downgraded competencies
  • Language barriers in the labor market
  • Young people take part in non-productive activities





The latter group is most often tempted by juvenile delinquency and criminality. And for those who find a job, they are unable to maintain it for a long period.In addition, they are often discriminated against.



All these different elements weaken the local economy and they higly contribute to unemployment of young people.

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Aims & objectives


This project aims to increase the skills of young people and to be one of their support networks.This will allow us to have the following groups of young people :



  • Young people participate in productive activities
  • Active and motivated young people
  • Young people access the traditional financial system





This will help reduce urban crime and lessen the informal economy and the youth will easily integrate the society.

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